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N,N-Diethylamine; N-Ethylethanamine

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1000 ml (01000)

2500 ml (02500)

2500 ml (02500)

2GBA001000 2GBAG02500 2GBAH02500
Article No. 00101 Grade For HPLC
Purity 99.5% CAS No. 109-89-7
Molecular Formula (C2H5)2NH Molecular Weight 73.14
H.S. Code 2921.1990 Shelf Life 60 Months

Physical Properties

Physical state at 20 °C Liquid Colour Clear Colorless
Odour Fishy ammonical pH value Strong alkaline
Melting point/ Freezing point [°C] -50°C Flammability (solid, gas) Flammable
Flash point [°C] (-28 °C) Boiling point [°C] 55- 58°C
Evaporation rate 16.9 Vapour pressure [20°C] 195 mm Hg @ 20°C
Vapour density 2.5 Density [g/cm3] 0.71
Solubility in water [% weight] Miscible in water Explosion limits - upper [%] 10.10%
Explosion limits -lower [%] 1.80%


Appearance A clear colorless liquid with ammonical odor Purity (by GC) Min 99.5%
Residue on evaporation Max 0.001% Water (H2O) Max 0.15%
Maximum UV absorbance (1 cm cell vs H2O): at 300 nm 0.50
at 320 nm 0.30 at 350 nm 0.10
at 400 nm 0.01

Safety Information and Hazard Symbols

Flame Corrosion Exclamation Mark
Symbol: GHS02, GHS05, GHS07
Signal Word: Danger
UN No.: 1154
IMCO Class No.: 3,8
Packing Group: II
Hazardous Statement: H225-H302-H312-H314-H332
Precaution Statement: P210-P280-P305 + P351 + P338-P310
Revision Date: 03-Apr-2023

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