What We Offer

Loba Chemie offers more than 3,000 chemicals. Our product line focuses on unique, hard-to-find compounds to provide customers with the widest possible selection to suit their research needs.

Loba Chemie reagents are of the highest purity, conveniently packaged in various sizes to meet your chemical requirements.

By actively following current research trends, we are able to develop and introduce a large number of new products each year to meet the changing needs of our customers.

Thanks to our expertise and experience in the production, synthesis and purification of over 3,000 chemical products, we are specialists in the manufacture of inorganic salts, high purity acids, organic chemical products, high purity solvents and other products for special applications, guaranteeing compliance with our customers’ specifications.

The outstanding combination of advanced technology, sophisticated equipment and expertise enable Loba Chemie to assure higher quality in a wider selection of specialty chemicals.

Our integrated manufacturing system allows us to produce, synthesize, purify and package reagents for analysis, chemical products for laboratories and fine chemistry products, in lab packs and bulk containers.

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