COA Center




We manufacture to our customers' requirements

Our status as a manufacturer with more than 40 years' experience allows us to offer our customers the widest range of laboratory reagents and high quality industrial chemical products.

Our experience and knowledge in production, synthesis and purification of thousands of chemical products has allowed us to become specialists in the manufacture of inorganic salts, high purity acids, organic chemical products, high purity solvents plus other products for specific applications, ensuring that our customers meet their required specifications in demanding international markets.


Loba Chemie´s Management System which has been completely implemented throughout every activity in our company is based on the following official standards:

Safety Precautions & Environment Norms

  • Norms as per ISO 14000 & ISO 18000
  • Each Packing Room is equipped with:
    • Emergency Doorway
    • Safety Showers
    • Fire-fighting Equipment and
    • Emergency Equipment
  • Training provided to staff to deal with small mishaps and serious emergency situations
  • PPE is provided to safety team to deal with any emergency situation
  • Fire Hydrant System is located around the entire plot
  • Emergency Safety Showers are located outside the plant
  • Exhaust systems and breathing apparatus is provided for various chemical handling and emergency situations
  • Scrap yard for collecting waste for recycling - Glass, Paper, Drums, Plastic, etc.
  • ETP plant created to handle up 25000 liters of waste
  • Regular monitoring of water, air and noise quality at the plant

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