• 1Official Chemical Zone declared by the Government of Maharashtra and approved by Pollution Control Board.
  • 2The plant spans over 6.5 acres of land with a constructed area of 1,50,000 sq. ft.
  • 3The Unit operates as per Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) Standard


Safety Precautions & Environment Norms

  • Norms as per ISO 14000 & ISO 18000
  • Each Packing Room is equipped with:

    - Emergency Doorway

    - Safety Showers

    - Fire-fighting Equipment, and,

    - Emergency Equipment

  • Training provided to staff to deal with small mishaps and serious emergency situations
  • PPE is provided to safety team to deal with any emergency situation
  • Fire Hydrant System is located around the entire plot
  • Emergency Safety Showers are located outside the plant
  • Exhaust systems and breathing apparatus is provided for various chemical handling and emergency situations
  • Scrap yard for collecting waste for recycling - Glass, Paper, Drums, Plastic, etc.
  • ETP plant created to handle up 25000 liters of waste
  • Regular monitoring of water, air and noise quality at the plant