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DI-iso-PROPYL ETHER (Stabilized with BHT) For Synthesis

Isopropyl ether


500 ml (00500)

2500 ml (02500)

25 Liters (0025K)

200 Liters (0200K)

2500 ml (02500)

2500 ml (02500)

2GBA000500 2GBA002500 2IDL00025K 2MDB00200K 2GBAG02500 2GBAH02500
Article No. 00108 Grade For Synthesis
Purity 98% CAS No. 108-20-3
Molecular Formula C6H14O Molecular Weight 102.18
H.S. Code 2909.1990 Shelf Life 60 Months

Physical Properties

Physical state at 20 °C Liquid Colour Clear Colorless
Odour Etheral odour Melting point/ Freezing point [°C] -85 °C
Auto-ignition temperature [°C] 443°C Flammability (solid, gas) Flammable
Flash point [°C] -29 °C Boiling point [°C] 65 - 70 °C
Initial boiling point [°C] 65°C Final boiling point [°C] 70 °C
Evaporation rate 8 Vapour pressure mm/Hg 119 @ 20C
Vapour density 3.5 Density [g/cm3] 0.78
Relative density, liquid (water=1) 0.73 Solubility in water [% weight] 0.2g/100g water @ 20C
Explosion limits - upper [%] 21% Explosion limits -lower [%] 1%


Appearance Clear colourless liquid with characteristic odor Purity (by GC) Min 98%
Weight/ mL at 20°C About 0.725 g Refractive index (20°C; 589 nm) 1.367 - 1.369

Safety Information and Hazard Symbols

Flame Exclamation Mark
Symbol: GHS02, GHS07
Signal Word: Danger
UN No.: 1159
IMCO Class No.: 3
Packing Group: II
Hazardous Statement: H225-H336
Precaution Statement: P210-P261
Revision Date: 01-Apr-2021

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