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GELATIN POWDER For Bacteriology

From cattle bone : 110/120 bloom Store at 2-8°C

Article No. 03920 Grade For Bacteriology
Purity CAS No. 9000-70-8
Molecular Formula Molecular Weight
H.S. Code 3503.0020 Shelf Life 60 Months

Physical Properties

Physical state at 20 °C Solid Colour Yellowish brown
Odour Musty odour pH value 4 - 7 at 66.7 g/l at 60 °C


Appearance Light amber to faintly yellow translucent flakes, powder or granules Loss on drying Max 15.0%
Identification Passes test Appearance of solution (1% solution in water) Passes IP test
Zinc (Zn) Max 0.003% Chromium (Cr) Max 0.001%
Iron (Fe) Max 0.001% Conductivity (1% solution in water at 30+/- 1°C) Max 1 mS cm-1
Microbial contamination Passes IP test Peroxide (as H2O2) Max 0.001%
Sulphur dioxide (SO2) Max 0.005%
Revision Date: 14-Dec-2022

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