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TRYPTOSE Bacteriological grade

A mixed peptone, obtained from animal and vegetable proteins.
Peptone from protein mixture; tryptic digest; Trypto-peptone

Article No. 06408 Grade Bacteriological grade
Purity CAS No. NA
Molecular Formula Molecular Weight
H.S. Code 3504.0010 Shelf Life 24 Months

Physical Properties

Physical state at 20 °C Solid Colour Light brown powder
Odour Odorless


Appearance Light yellow to yellow free flowing powder Solubility Freely soluble in distilled /purified water , insoluble in alcohol
Clarity of solution 1% w/v aqueous solution is clear without haziness after autoclaving at 15 lbs pressure (at 121°C) for 15 mins pH (2% w/v solution in water) 6.20 - 7.20
Total nitrogen (N) Min 12.0% Amino nitrogen Min 3.0%
Sodium Chloride (by AgNO3 titration) Max 6.0% Loss on drying Max 6.0%
Residue on ignition Max 17.0% Microbial Limits
Total aerobic plate count Max 2000 CFU/gm Total yeast and mould conut Max 100 CFU/gm
Test for pathogens E.coli. Negative in 10 gm of sample
Salmonella species Negative in 10 gms of sample Pseudomonas aeruginosa Negative in 10 gms of sample
Staphylococcus aureus Negative in 10 gms of sample
Revision Date: 06-Apr-2021

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