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Our Commitment

We believe that our commitment to satisfying customers’ expectations regarding products and services is fully compatible with our responsibility concerning the health of our employees and the impact of our operations on the environment.

We take great care to protect the health and safety of employees in view of the risks associated with their jobs. Providing regular medical check-up facility to monitor the health of our employees.

We are also committed to protecting the environment by preventing the pollution associated with our activities.

We are committed to implementing systems that constantly improve our quality, safety and environmental protection management.

Certified as ISO 14000 & ISO 18000 : Committed to complying with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements, as well as those we have voluntarily assumed and established.

Loba Chemie assures the fulfilment of its commitments through the achievement of periodically set targets with measurable indicators and a management system that fosters continuous improvement. This policy provides the reference framework for setting and reviewing targets related to quality, the environment and health and safety.

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