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Confirming to IP, BP
Phosphoric Acid


500 ml (00500)

2500 ml (02500)

5000 ml (05000)

25 Liters (0025K)

200 Liters (0200K)

2PPB000500 2PPB002500 2PPB005000 2PDL00A30K 2PDL00200K
Article No. 00232 Grade Extra Pure
Purity 85% CAS No. 7664-38-2
Molecular Formula H3PO4 Molecular Weight 98.00
H.S. Code 2809.2010 Shelf Life 60 Months

Physical Properties

Physical state at 20 °C Liquid Colour Clear colourless
Odour Odourless pH value 1.5
Melting point/ Freezing point [°C] 21°C Boiling point [°C] 158 °C
Vapour pressure [20°C] 2 hPa Vapour pressure mm/Hg 0.03 mm Hg at 20°C
Vapour density 3.4 Density [g/cm3] 1.685
Solubility in water [% weight] Completely miscible


Appearance Clear colorless viscous liquid Assay (acidimetric) 84 - 90%
Solubility To comply the test Relative density about 1.7
Identification To comply the test Appearance of solution To comply the test
Substance precipitated by NH3 To comply the test Hypophosphorous acid and phosphorous acid To comply the test
Alkali phosphate To comply the test Aluminium and calcium (Al, Ca) To comply the test
Chloride (Cl) Max 0.005% Sulphate (SO4) Max 0.01%
Arsenic (As) Max 0.0002% Iron (Fe) Max 0.005%
Heavy metal (as Pb) Max 0.001%

Safety Information and Hazard Symbols

Symbol: GHS05
Signal Word: Danger
UN No.: 1805
IMCO Class No.: 8
Packing Group: III
Hazardous Statement: H314
Precaution Statement: P280-P305 + P351 + P338-P310
Revision Date: 03-Jun-2017

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