Sanitizers, Disinfectants and Cleaning Products


L-Hygiene provides high quality disinfecting and hygiene related FDA and WHO approved products to customers around the globe. Affordable Pricing, Innovative packing and high-quality products is an assurance and commitment from our L-Hygiene Brand.

  • L-Hygiene

    Alcohol Sanitizers

    • Advanced Hand Sanitizer
    • Instant Hand Sanitizer
    • Dry Hand Rub
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    Gel Sanitizers

    • Effective Against Germs
  • Disinfectants – AgClean 11

    Disinfectants – AgClean 11

    • ADVANCED Silver Stabilized Hydrogen Peroxide
    • For Aerial Fumigation, Surface Disinfection and Water Disinfection
    • Controls 99.9% of Microbes
    • Odourless and Colourless
    • No Toxic Residue
  • Bucket Wipes

    Bucket Wipes

    • Specifically Designed for Cleaning
    • Isopropyl Alcohol 70% Wipes
    • Hydrogen Peroxide 3% Wipes
    • Chloramine - T Wipes
    • All Glass & Window
      Cleaner Wipes
    • DIY Wipes (Do it Yourself)
  • Luxury Hand Wash

    Luxury Hand Wash

    • Disinfecting hand wash with fresh floral fragrance
    • Luxury hand wash liquid Soap with Moisturizers
    • Skin-friendly solution to cleaner hands
  • Vegetable and Fruit Cleaner

    Vegetable and Fruit Cleaner

    • Fruits and Vegetable Disinfecting Tablets
    • Longer shelf life of chlorine in tablet form
    • Stable release of chlorine when diluted leading to better efficacy
  • Surface & Glass Cleaner

    Surface & Glass Cleaner

    • Disinfecting Glass Cleaner Liquid
    • Glass Cleaner with white flower fragrance
    • Ideal for Cleaning and Disinfecting

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