Trace Metal Acids (ACIPUR) & High Purity Acids

Trace Metal -Acids (ACIPUR)Loba Chemie offers a full range of high purity acids. This is required sample preparation for the Critical trace metal analysis. To assist you with trace element analysis procedures, ACIPUR Acids are tested to PPB (parts per billion) levels. Products are double-distilled and packed in clean room condition.

The ACIPUR Acids also meet or exceed ACS specifications to provide the ultimate in performance at this grade level. Recommended for research and quality control applications in the Pharmaceutical and Biotech industries.

  • Characterized by Flame Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (FAAS), Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectroscopy (ICP-OES)
  • Manufactured in ISO 9001:2008 certified facilities
  • Highly characterized for multiple applications
  • Analyzed for up to 32 metals in the low ppb range
  • Safety enhancing HDPE safety Jar available from Loba Chemie

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0173A HYDROCHLORIC ACID  37%  ACIPUR   1789 8 7647-01-0 MSDS COAs
0170G HYDROCHLORIC ACID  25%  ACIPUR   1789 8 7647-01-0 MSDS COAs
0170H HYDROCHLORIC ACID  32%  ACIPUR   1789 8 7647-01-0 MSDS COAs
Restricted for Export (Under Scomet)
1790 8,6.1 7664-39-3 MSDS COAs
0224A NITRIC ACID  69.5%  ACIPUR   2031 8 (5.1) 7697-37-2 MSDS COAs
Restricted for Export
1873 5.1,8 7601-90-3 MSDS COAs
0290C SULPHURIC ACID  96%  ACIPUR   1830 8 7664-93-9 MSDS COAs