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Lithium Salts

Lithium does not exist as a pure metal in nature, but is always present as salts, oxides, or other combined forms. Dry lithium salts are corrosive and very irritating to exposed skin, eyes, nose, and airways. Lithium salts, such as lithium chloride, dissolve quickly in water.
Loba Chemie offers a wide range of Lithium salts with various purity options -extra pure and AR, AR/ACS grade.

Lithium salts have several industrial applications, including heat-resistant glass and ceramics, high strength-to-weight alloys used in aircraft, lithium batteries and lithium-ion batteries etc. Lithium salts are used as pyrotechnic colorants and oxidizers in red fireworks and flares. Lithium Salts are active pharmaceutical ingredient in the lithium therapy of bipolar disorders.

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