LOBA TLC Sprayer

TLC Sprayer

LOBA TLC sprayer is an ideal solution for the development of TLC plates. It is compact, well-designed spray canister that delivers fine mist of reagent on the TLC plates. It helps in reducing the wastage of reagents by controlling the delivery of the reagent by even coverage.

The patented design is based on the simple technology where the TLC canister is situated above the reagent reservoir. A small press of the lever lightly pressurizes the lower glass reservoir releasing a fine mist of spray. When the lever is pressed, propellant and reagent are mixed and dispensed as a spray at the nozzle by action of the venturi effect. Reagent from the jar is pulled up the tube as propellant travels across the holes in the red insert (inside the button). The propellant and liquid do not mix prior to being dispensed out of the nozzle.


Key Features of the TLC/HPTLC Sprayer

  • easy to use
  • reagent sprayed at constant 4.4.bar pressure
  • reagent consumption is reduced with homogenous distribution
  • easy to clean and reuse

Three Steps for the Development of Chromatographic Pattern

Step 1 - Fill
Step 2 - Attach
Step 3 - Spray

Safety Information

Signal word
Hazard statements
Precautionary statements
Personal Protective Equipment
Eyeshields, Gloves, half-mask respirator, multi-purpose combination respirator cartridge
UN 1950F 2.1
WGK Germany
Flash Point (F)
-155.2 °F
Flash Point (C)
-104 °C

Ordering Information

Product Name
Product Description
Product Code
TLC Sprayer
Sprayer for TLC reagent

TLC Reagent

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