Contract Manufacturing


Loba Chemie had been offering contract manufacturing across our global network with focus on quality, innovation and flexibility. With Our strategic tie up we have helped several production units with manufacturing facility like esterification, brominations- chlorinations and more.

  • Loba focus on green and innovative technology having expertise in Batch/Flow/Continuous process development.
  • Loba focus on the confidentiality of the product which is shared by the customer. The products are coded to safe guard the interest of the customer.
  • Difficult/hazardous and sensitive chemistry with high level of atom efficiency with high feasibility and fast development & scale up.
  • Literature and Patent Search for Infringement / non-infringement route. With the expertize for the non-infringement route, Loba always adopts green & cost effective routes.
  • As there is always a need to care about our environment, Loba’s green route of synthesis reduces the load in the ETP plant.
  • Our facilities are equipped with the latest process and analytical instrumentation. As well as an extensive range of scale-up equipment and key areas of expertise, our team has the experience and professionalism to move your projects forward and deliver in the stimulated time period.
  • Loba is working with TOP 50 Pharma companies in the world. The list of the customer includes the Innovator and Generic companies both.
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