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Bismuth trinitrate pentahydrate; Bismuth(III) nitrate pentahydrate


100 g (00100)

500 g (00500)

1PW1200060 1PW1200500
Article No. 02131 Grade AR
Purity 98% CAS No. 10035-06-0
Molecular Formula Bi(NO3)3.5H2O Molecular Weight 485.07
H.S. Code 2834.2990 Shelf Life 60 Months

Physical Properties

Physical state at 20 °C Solid Colour White
Odour Slight nitric acid odor Melting point/ Freezing point [°C] 30 °C
Boiling point [°C] 75 - 80 °C Initial boiling point [°C] 75 °C
Final boiling point [°C] 80 °C Density [g/cm3] 2.83
Solubility in water [% weight] Slowly decomposes in water to form subnitrate


Appearance White crystalline powder Assay (ex Bi) Min 98%
Chloride (Cl) Max 0.005% Sulphate (SO4) Max 0.002%
Ammonium (NH4) Max 0.003% Arsenic (As) Max 0.0005%
Lead (Pb) Max 0.005% Calcium (Ca) Max 0.005%
Iron (Fe) Max 0.002% Copper (Cu) Max 0.002%
Silver (Ag) Max 0.001% Zinc (Zn) Max 0.001%
Substance not precipitated by H2S (as SO4) Max 0.5%

Safety Information and Hazard Symbols

Flame Over Circle Exclamation Mark
Symbol: GHS03, GHS07
Signal Word: Danger
UN No.: 1477
IMCO Class No.: 5.1
Packing Group: II
Hazardous Statement: H272-H315-H319-H335
Precaution Statement: P220-P261-P305 + P351 + P338
Revision Date: 24-Aug-2013

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