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Hydrogen Fluride; HF

Restricted for Export (Under Scomet)  


500 ml (00500)

Article No. 0174D Grade AR/ACS
Purity 40% CAS No. 7664-39-3
Molecular Formula HF Molecular Weight 20.01
H.S. Code 2811.1100 Shelf Life 60 Months

Physical Properties

Physical state at 20 °C Liquid Colour Clear Colorless
Odour Acrid odor pH value 1
Melting point/ Freezing point [°C] < -36°C Boiling point [°C] 108°C
Vapour pressure [20°C] 25 mm Hg @ 20°C Vapour pressure mm/Hg 25 mm Hg @ 200C
Vapour density 1.97 Density [g/cm3] 1.15 -1.18
Solubility in water [% weight] Infinitely soluble


Appearance A clear colorless liquid Assay (alkalimetric) Min 40%
Non-volatile matter Max 0.0005% Chloride (Cl) Max 0.0005%
Phosphate (PO4) Max 0.0001% Sulphate (SO4) Max 0.0005%
Sulphite (as SO3) Max 0.0005% Arsenic (As) Max 0.000005%
Cadmium (Cd) Max 0.00001% Copper (Cu) Max 0.00001%
Iron (Fe) Max 0.00005% Nickel (Ni) Max 0.00001%
Heavy metal (as Pb) Max 0.00001% Zinc (Zn) Max 0.00001%
Fluorosilicate (SiF6) Max 0.005%

Safety Information and Hazard Symbols

Skull and Crossbones Corrosion
Symbol: GHS05, GHS06
Signal Word: Danger
UN No.: 1790
IMCO Class No.: 8,6.1
Packing Group: II
Hazardous Statement: H300-H310-H314-H330
Precaution Statement: P260-P264-P280-P284-P301 + P310-P302 + P350
Revision Date: 03-Jan-2020

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