Product Code : 03169


Appearance White to almost white crystalline powder
Identification To comply IP, BP, USP tests
Solubility Freely soluble in water, sparingly soluble in ethanol (96 per cent)
Specific optical rotation (20°C, 589 nm) (C=10, H2O/dilute NH3) (Anhydrous substance) +52.5° to +53.3°
Specific optical rotation (20°C, 589 nm) (C=10, 0.012N NH4OH) +52.6° to +53.2°
Appearance of solution To comply BP test
Colour of solution To comply USP test
Acidity or alkalinity To comply IP,BP, USP test
Sulphite Max 0.0015% (passes IP test)
Heavy metal (as Pb) Max 0.0005%
Barium (Ba) Passes IP, BP test
Calcium (Ca) Passes BP test
Lead (Pb) Max 0.00005%
Loss on drying (1 g, 105°C, 16h) Max 0.5 %
Foreign sugars, soluble starch, dextrins Max 1.0%
Bacterial endotoxin Not more than 0.5 Endotoxin unit/ ml of a 5 % w/v solution

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